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weep, child, for everything you've lost

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genuinely what is wrong with you

who is tthis

hehe pp

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sorry to like spam or whatever by the way also but like??? the size difference with birds is fucking wild can you imagine just being like a little finch or a sparrow who just sits around shouting at your fellow bitches that this is Your Spot and You Own This Place and this fat fucking pigeon just comes up and bites you. this fat fucking pigeon bites you and you can do NOTHING about it because its like 4 times your size.

and like its ESPECIALLY weird to me because usually we dont even Notice This Shit. pigeons out here being 4 times the size of little lad ass sparrows and we dont notice or care because goghjiofghofgh Its BIrd birds is the same or whatever all these birds technically fit our standard for small usualyl. but just. imagine


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uwu hours

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my face when someones about to bash me over the head with her cowboy boot and steal my diamond-encrusted gogo boots which i am supposed to give out as a prize for a fashion show

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oh worm

hsit fuck wheres the serchc for users